No Locks & No Bars

by Hunt for Hunter

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Deborah K. Anderson
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Deborah K. Anderson It's a very personal recording. I know both of the artists and they're both multi-talented musicians who love what they do. Great work Ian and Mike! Favorite track: Heartbeat.
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released October 5, 2016

Michael Hunter - Violin, vocals
Ian Hunt - Drums, vocals
Diwas Gurung - Guitars
Drew Jones - Bass

Mixed/mastered @Four Legs Records by Steven Goldman



all rights reserved


Hunt for Hunter Brooklyn, New York

Hunt for Hunter is a folk-rock duo, comprised of Michael Hunter on violin, guitar and vocals and Ian Hunt on cajon, guitar and vocals. A typical performance will find Hunter singing and playing violin while Hunt plays cajon with his feet and guitar simultaneously. It's an unusual setup, but one that allows for a full, organic sound that perfectly suits their blues/folk-oriented style. ... more

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Track Name: Divine
I was singing through the night
At the local bar on 3rd and 9th
When you walked in through the door
A sight to see, yeah that’s for sure

And you were so divine
You were so divine
If you were only mine
You were so divine

I finished up went to the bar
You were drinking whiskey neat, no straw
I smiled at you and asked for your name
You smiled back and asked the same

What should I do?
What should I do?

We talked and laughed throughout the night
Inching closer to each other as the lights went down
Then a man walked in he took you by the hand
You kissed him on the lips, and I said damn, damn, damn

What can I do?
What can I do?

You were so divine
You were so divine
And you will never be mine
Yeah you were so divine
Track Name: Heartbeat
I’d been wondering why it’s been so long
Am I too picky, too quick to find what’s wrong
I guess it took some time to realize
I’d just been waiting for you to arrive

I never used to think of you like this
Now I’m wondering what I might have missed
If I’d seen sooner who you truly are
Is it too late for me to let you know?

That you make my heartbeat, heartbeat
And it’s so deep, so deep in my chest you know this
Heartbeat, heart’s beating for the first time in so long
Tell me does your heartbeat, heartbeat
When you see me, see me, just tell me does your
Heartbeat, heart beat at all for me

I’m sure in some sense that I always knew
The truth to how I felt about you
But I couldn’t bear to lose my best friend
Even if it means you’ll never know

How can I betray, the trust you’ve put in me
That I’d always be there when you needed a friend
But still I feel this way, with this longing in my chest
And I can’t seem to make it go away

Does your heartbeat, heartbeat…
Tell me does your heartbeat, heartbeat
When you see me, see me
Does your heartbeat, heartbeat
When you see me, see me, oh yeah
I need to know, I need to know
Does your heartbeat, heartbeat at all for me?
Track Name: Oblivious
He sits on the couch, sipping his tea
Ginseng from his parents, with honey and lemon
As frost gently dusts the window panes
The radiator purrs

Wrapped up in blankets, though just one would do
He laughs at a joke on a silver screen
Cozy and comfy, safe and secure
Oblivious he’s

Trapped inside
He’s trapped inside
He’s trapped inside
No locks and no bars, no cuffs and no guards to keep him

A text from a friend, an invite for drinks
“The girl you were asking about will be there”
He thinks for a second then turns his phone off”
Oblivious, oblivious he’s…

And he’ll never know why he waits there alone, just waiting for someone to show him the way

No locks and no bars, no cuffs and no guards no hope as his heart slowly fades
Track Name: Wishes
She’s been working here for years, took the job to pay the rent
Still calls herself an actress, she just hasn’t made it yet
It’s a normal day at work, when suddenly she gets the call
It’s the role she’s always wanted, but instead she stammers, stalls and says:

“No, no, I’m not the one you’re looking for
No, no, I don’t want this anymore
No, no” she can’t believe her words as she
Says goodbye, to the truth she lived to lie

He’s been waiting patiently through the years to make his move
She’s a special girl and he knows he’s got a lot to prove
After yet another breakup, she finally turns to him
And the guy who’d always been there pulls away from her saying

He lived to lie…

It’s a funny thing when dreams we’ve held for so long become real
When the things that we’ve been chasing turn and hand us the wheel
Is this really what you wanted? Is this really what you need?
Or will you find when offered your deepest wishes you’ll say:

“No, no, I’m not the one you’re looking for
No, no, I don’t want this anymore
No, no” yeah you may change your mind
And say goodbye to the truth you lived to lie
Track Name: Too Far Gone
A face so kind, you’d think he’s the quiet shy type
Polite and smart, liked by his colleagues and friends
But deep inside, a sick sad sore is festering
And only time can tell, when it will start to show

Ask me not for forgiveness
You’ll reap what you’ve sown
Ask me not for my kindness
Your sickness is too far gone

You may yet think that there’s some hope left for you
But you were doomed from the start
The angels will never hear your story now
And the devil’s still living in your heart

Ask me not for forgiveness
You’re past redemption
Ask me not for my kindness
Your soul is just too far gone

Yeah you’re too far gone to save
The things you’ve done
Will follow you to the grave